Battery or Voltage Source?

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Traditional batteries, the “Primary Type”, such as Alkaline dry cells that can only be used once, or the NiHM / Li-Ion rechargeable types, are chemical cells that exhibit a characteristic softening I-V curve, that is to say the voltage you get from the battery varies based on the load (how much current you are drawing from it) and stage of use (fresh ones have higher voltage).  This is definitely ideal, because you experience weakening power, and often you need to replace the battery even though it has not been fully used.

AmpTORRENT™ battery is a completely new type of battery.  In fact it is a voltage regulated power source, capable of holding output voltage even the load condition and state of charge varies.  This gives the user an experience as if the battery is always “freshly” till the last drop of energy is spent.

The is because these batteries use a highly efficient DC-DC converter right inside the battery to give it precision regulated output voltages, e.g. 1.5V for AA and AAA, and 3.0V for CR123A, that remain rock steady up to 2 Amps!