Battery Performance

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Batteries act as voltage sources. This means they are supposed to provide a good quality steady voltage to a load, delivering power to it according to the load demand.

Unfortunately, most batteries do not behave this way. They typically get “soft” when their stored energy is used up. Worst still, some batteries, especially rechargeable Ni-MH variety, do not even provide a standard voltage. Consumer batteries such as AA, and AAA, are supposed to give 1.5V, but this rarely is the case. As a result, two things happen. 1) The device, e.g. a toy car, becomes more and more sluggish as power of the battery is drained, or 2) device manufacturers go to great length to optimize circuits to compensate for the saging voltage.

Not any more. AmpTORRENT™ is here. The voltage delivered at its terminal are 1.5V constant, even the load draws up to 2A current!

You can feel the difference. Or your boy can!