In circuit design, chip technology, materials, fabrication methods, and many more aspects of AmpTORRENT™ battery, it is truly


All in the head

AmpTORRENT™ is the first battery of its kind to incorporate a complete battery management system (BMS) right under the cell cap, using a proprietary, state-of-the-art processor.



Record Capacity

The current generation of AmpTORRENT™ batteries are already at the top of each class, e.g. AT3000 = 3000 mWh. The good news is that these capacity ratings will soon be extended to record levels, because of the increasing range of proven Li-ion chemistries and innovative structural designs. AmpTORRENT™ series of consumer batteries is set to offer unprecedented performance in capacity, durability and cycle life, offering great value to the general consumer, and to the specialist needs of professionals.

Constant Voltage Regulation (CVR™)

AmpTORRENT™ battery always feels "freshly charged" till the last drop of energy is spent. This because of the precision regulated output voltages, e.g.1.5V for AA and AAA, and 3V for CR123A, that remain rock steady up to 2 Amps!

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AmpTorrent Battery

Capacity Cycle Life (CCL™)

AmpTORRENT™ battery will outlast current best Ni-MH technology by a long shot, thanks to its durable Li-ion core chemistry. Cycle life of an AmpTORRENT™ battery is measured by the total number of times it discharges rated energy capacity, or equivalently, how many primary batteries of similar capacity it can replace, during its life time. A typical AmpTORRENT™ battery has a cycle life of more than 500, and the number of times this battery can be partially charged and discharged is essentially unlimited!

Work in Tandem (TEAM™)

AmpTORRENT™ batteries can be picked and mixed at any state of usage or charge, and they work as if they are perfectly balanced. This is not only convenient for the user, but greatly extends the useful life of these rechargeable batteries. Innovations behind this "intelligent pack behavior" is TEAM™ : Tedam Energy Access Mode, built into the brain of each AmpTORRENT™ battery!

AmpTorrent Battery

AmpTorrent Battery

Safety Seals (SST™)

AmpTORRENT™ battery uses stainless steel body casing with Safety-Seal technology to ensure proper protection of its Li-ion core. The built-in microchip monitors all vital battery status all the time, and prevents harmful or dangerous operating conditions from arising. In the very unlikely situation that the Li-ion core experiences malfunction, safety mechanisms built into the stainless steel shell will ensure safe relief of pressure.