World First 3V Lithium-Ion CR123A Has Arrived!

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If you use CR123 batteries for digital cameras, portable lights, or other high-end electronic products, you probably notice that you choices are limited to either 3V lithium primary (not rechargeable), or ā€œ3.7Vā€ re-chargeable version lithium-ion cell with a voltage range between 2.6 ā€“ 4.2V.

As another world first from AmpTorrent, we are proud to introduce a 3V constant voltage lithium rechargeable battery:

The AT3000C

Featuring a lithium-ion core and advanced micro-electronic controls, AT3000C exhibit the following amazing characteristics:

  • 3V constant output voltage at 2A till depletion
  • 1000mAh capacity (= 3000mWh stored energy) fully usable
  • 2 hour rapid full charge
  • 500 full charge cycles
  • Full protections against a range of conditions
  • Low-temperature performance

Equipped with a smart USB charger, which can also be used as a power bank with the batteries inserted, the AT3000C is ideal replacement to the costly one-use lithium battery, and a safer and standard compliant alternative to the unregulated lithium-ion versions.